About Us

One of my fondest childhood memories is of watching my Grandpa Hawkins magically transform liquid sap from a maple tree into a sweet, creamy, delicious spread we affectionately called Grandpa's Stuff.

Grandpa made this magical treat using a simple bowl, a handmade wooden ladle, and Pure Vermont maple syrup which he boiled himself not too far from here, in East Wallingford, Vermont.

Through a careful process of boiling, cooling and patiently stirring. Grandpa transformed the maple syrup into a smooth, creamy maple spread.

For my part, I devoured Grandpa’s maple cream on such things as pancakes, toast and baked beans—all made more delicious by this wonderful tasting maple spread.

Today, my wife and I continue the family tradition of making this magical maple cream. We still call it, simply, “Grandpa’s Stuff”.

We are proud to represent our family with such a delightful, all natural product. The ONLY ingredient we use is 100% Pure Fancy Vermont Maple Syrup, freshly tapped and boiled locally in Vermont.

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